• Charge products direct to room.
  • Product list and prices automatically synchronised with those in ORCA PMS.
  • Mobile POS solution available, which either can be attached to a table or carried in hand, helping you to serve customers more quickly.
  • Process cash or use our online payment gateway.
  • Supports thermal printer for receipts (Epsom) and cash drawer.

Devices and ORCA Autonetics

  • Integration with electronic door lock systems (OMNIKEY KeyCards).
  • Allow customers to set "do not disturb" status and cleaning task preferences via touchscreen device or mobile app.
  • Smart IOT (Internet of Things) in-room devices, including light and temperature sensors, that feed data directly to ORCA PMS.

Web Site Design

  • Choose one of our web templates for your own Hotel Web Site with our booking engine integrated templates
  • .

Hotel Groups

  • Custom IT integration and chain management features for organisation wide reporting.
  • Get your own dedicated ORCA cloud service, or run the ORCA back-end on-site.
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